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There’s nothing better than a Whitby fall family photo session in the fall. The colors are stunning, the weather is crisp and everyone looks their best!  But what to wear for portraits?! Fall fashion can be tricky – it needs to look chic enough for professional photos but also comfortable enough that kids will stay still for 5 minutes (at least). We’ve got some tips on how you can pull off this challenging style challenge. Just follow these 4 simple steps: #1 Find your color palette; #2 Pick out one statement piece; #3 Layer up with textures; and lastly, #4 Add accessories. With those four items, we guarantee you’ll have a winning outfit for your next family portrait session!  So get ready to show off your beautiful Whitby fall family photos.

The first step to great Whitby fall family photos is to decide on the perfect Whitby family photography location and aiming for the best lighting for outdoor portraits as possible.  If you are unsure of some great top Oshawa photography locations I am happy to help!

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What to Wear for Whitby Fall Family Photos | Mothers

The first step to choosing the best possible outfit for Whitby fall family photos is for moms to decide what they like about their body and highlight that!  In other words take an assessment of your favorite features and body parts and show off those assets!  If you don’t like your arms, wear a long sleeve outfit or if you prefer to not show your legs wear pants or a long dress.

The next step is to choose colours you love and are appropriate with the location and season.  For example, choosing fall colours for the beach doesn’t work and may look out of place for portraits.  For Whitby fall family photos I recommend choosing colours that highlight the beautiful leaves.

Nothing ruins fall family photos more than choosing the wrong colours. When it comes to colours try to avoid bright neon colours, to many patterns and labels on clothing.  Nothing dates Whitby fall family photos quite like a big label on a shirt that is in fashion now but isn’t 10 years from now.

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What to Wear for Portraits | Colour Palette 

When deciding what to wear for portraits, the first thing you should think of is your colour palette. A good idea in fall would be warm tones like mustard or oranges with tans and browns also being very popular colours among many people looking at year-round outfits!

What to Wear for Portraits | Pick Out a Statement Piece

Picking out a statement piece of wardrobe for your fall family photos is really not that hard! Start by choosing clothing that you feel great in and then work the rest of your look around it.

I recommend wearing an elegant, long dress with rich colors like gold or brown to compliment its depth while still being light weight enough where warmth isn’t sacrificed during those cool evenings on crisp autumn days. Mixing textures can also be fun if they’re different materials such as velvet against denim – just make sure both pieces match well so nothing looks mismatched throughout this process too.

So you have decided on your outfit.  Now work around that outfit and decide on what to wear for portraits for the rest of the family.  What I do is choose my outfit and then work out from there.


What to Wear for Portraits | Add Accessories

There are so many aesthetically pleasing options for accessorizing a fall family portrait wardrobe. Think about jewelry, vests, scarves and hats

You can’t go wrong with matching your footwear to the rest of the family. If it’s co-ordinated like I do for Fall Family Photos, then everyone will be wearing varying shades and hues so as not to stand out too much in photos! For instance if brown was my color choice on myself than everyone else would have some form or another – maybe they were all given black shoes? Or what about those tacky running shoes you find everywhere these days which everybody thinks looks good but really doesn’t complement anyone at all (especially yourself). The first thing people see when looking through pictures are their cleanly picked outfits; don’t let a bad pair of shoes wreck those beautiful fall family photos.


What to Wear for Portraits | Children

I recommend choosing the children wardrobe choices to compliment your main outfit. What I do when choosing what to wear for portraits with my family is I find a main colour in my outfit then look for an accessory or two that has some of this same shade as well, so it ties us together visually and makes us stand out against one another beautifully!

What to Wear for Portraits | Men

For men I recommend choosing a knit sweater for fall family photos.  I recommend a sweater that is more neutral, but you can also tie in colors from everyone elses wardrobe. For bottoms it seems like all males are wearing khakis or jeans–the adults always have an easier time dressing as they only need to worry about neutrals!

Whitby Fall Family Photos | What the Wear for Photos

If you’re looking for a stress-free family photos, look no further. With just four simple steps to follow and our expert photography tips, your fall family photos will be perfect in no time.

1. Appropriate colour palette

2.Your choice of outfit (statement piece). Add outfits to accent the chosen outfitter.

3. Accessorize with textures like scarves or socks

4. Add accessories such as jewelery, scarves, hats and shoe

You may be thinking, this is all great but I don’t have the time to read through everything! If you are still stuck or not sure what to wear after reading this article, refer to my wardrobe guide. It contains every outfit idea for fall family portraits and will answer any questions you might have about what to wear. There is no need to stress out about your outfit because there are so many options that suit different styles and budgets! My goal with this blog post was to make it as easy as possible for people like me who want a simple solution without having hours of research into their outfits.


What to Wear for Portraits