Photography Special Events

Photography special events are usually our busiest sessions over the year, therefore they sell out very quickly.  These sessions are photography sessions that are clumped together in a one to two day timeframe.  Majority of the time this is due to having to rent a special locations for the sessions.  I rent locations usually at the start of the year around January due to the large number of fellow photographers in the Durham Region.

Our special events are usually held outdoors especially now during COVID 19.  Outdoor sessions therefore allow LRP to keep the contact of clients to a minimum and maintain the strict guidelines set out for business in the area.  I will not sacrifice the safety of others when it comes to germs or spreading illness. Special events are subject to the photography experience just like any other photography session. 

Special Events Investment

Session fees for our special events vary and are decided at the beginning of the year due to fees for renting locations.  For most of our dates the photography investment is $250/session.  In addition some locations require parking fees and those are not included in the session fee and are the responsibility of the client. In conclusion, our special events are like most other sessions except they have a certain theme or look that are only able to be achieved at certain times of the year.

Best Friend Photoshoot

Photography special events are held by LRP a couple of times a year.  The following are mini sessions and promotions I have held in the past.


Lavender Sessions – JULY


Fall/Pumpkin Mini’s – OCTOBER 22nd, 23rd 2022 (Ashburn)


Tree Farm Sessions – NOVEMBER 5,6 2022 (Blackstock)

             Christmas Box Mini’s – DECEMBER 2,3,4 2022 (LRP Studio Oshawa)

Christmas Studio Mini's

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