Oshawa Milestone Photography


Oshawa Milestone Photography is a photography session that captures precious milestones for babies and children. At Lori Roberts Photography, we have packages for 3,6 and 12-month children to grab the developmental milestones that every beautiful child goes through. Milestones are brief glimpses of the gains and achievements a child meets during the tender development of a young age. A busy lifestyle is not always conducive to seeing those milestones and remembering them; therefore, portraits help many people remember. Children grow monumentally fast and in what seems like a blink of an eye. One moment they are newborns the next, they leave for university and have made a life of their own.

Oshawa Milestone Photography

Step One | Initial Phone Call

Our portrait sessions begin with a 10-15 minute phone call. During this phone call, we will discuss the wants and needs of your session. We also decide on an appointment date and time for the zoom pre-consultation appointment.

Step Two | Zoom Pre-Consultation

Our pre-consultation meeting involves a zoom video call that lasts approximately 45 minutes. I book the portrait session at the end of the pre-consultation. If a family proceeds with a booking, I ask for payment of the session fee at that time. This session fee holds your selected date and time. During the zoom pre-consultation, we go over everything to do with the portrait session, such as:

  1.  Designing the session
  2. Products we offer
  3. Wardrobe
  4. Props
  5. Image preferences
  6. Full Price Menu
  7. Contract
  8. Welcome Package

Step Three | Portrait Session

This is where the magic happens!

Step Four | Zoom Ordering Appointment 

Ordering appointments are where families will see the images for the first time. A zoom ordering appointment is 1-2 weeks after the portrait session. I go over the images and products virtually at this appointment, and clients decide on purchases. I ask for payment when decisions are finished. Retouching is completed and sent for the final print

Step Five | Pick-Up Appointment

Pick-up appointments are when final products have been delivered to Lori, usually within 2-4 weeks after placing the order. Product pick-up appointments are in-person to review products and ensure product satisfaction.

oshawa milestone photography