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A Cake Smash photographer not only should produce absolutely beautiful images but should also prepare clients for what to expect and the in’s and out’s a cake smash Whitby photography session. Cake smash photography is a fun activity that parents and sometimes, children love. Cake smashing is not as common as it used to be, but there are some benefits to the tradition. The main benefits tend to be documenting those short milestones in a child’s life.

Many people don’t know why parents love this type of photo session. Cake smashing sessions can be expensive if you want them done well by an experienced cake smash photographer. This article will discuss the cost of a cake smash session as well as a few things to consider.

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Cake Smash Photographer | Cake Smash Investment

There are a lot of details to take into consideration when it comes to Cake Smash sessions. Cake Smash photography investment tends to be on the expensive side as there are a lot more factors than other types of sessions. These factors can include:

  1. Props
  2. Cake
  3. Photographer’s time (before, during, and after the session).
  4. Clean up


Cake Smash Photographer | Whitby Photography | Props

When it comes to Cake Smash photography, one of the main expenses photographers make is in props. Cake smash photographers often use themed backdrops (averaging $200-300), furniture (stools, etc), and decor props (themed accessories). These items can increase the cost of your cake smash session.

“All props are purchased in advance and are very pricey. As soon as it is labeled as a photography prop the price tag seems to go up” says photographer Lori

Cake Smash Photographer | Whitby Photography | Cake***

When it comes to Oshawa milestone photography, there are a few things to consider. The most important is the cake itself. Cake smash photographers typically get their cakes from a baker, as opposed to a grocery store. This is because grocery store cakes are often not designed for this type of session. “It never made sense to me that a parent is wanting to invest a significant amount of money for a cake smash session but then they show up with an ordinary grocery store cake,” says Lori.

Cake Factors

There are several factors to consider when it comes to a cake for a cake smash session.

  1. Colour of icing and cake – parents don’t realize that icing on a cake can look significantly different when it is all over a child’s face. For example, bright red icing tends to look like blood and instead of a cake smash the session now looks like a scene from a horror movie
  2. The flavor of cake – many children at one year of age don’t have a lot of experience with cake and some children don’t like certain flavors.
  3. Size and shape of the cake – the focus of a cake smash session should be on the child and not as much on the cake. With a cake that is too large, the cake tends to take over in the photograph. Similarly, with a wrong-shaped cake, it can become difficult for the child to sit properly around the cake to smash it or look visually pleasing in front of a camera.


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Cake Smash Photographer | Whitby Photography | Photographer’s Time

A Cake smash photographer is someone who has a lot of experience setting up for cake smash sessions. They know how to create the perfect themes and backdrops for these types of photos, therefore this can take a lot of time to do. This means that you can rest assured that your child’s session will be perfect.

A cake smash session is not complete without all the extras. There are balloon arches, sparkle lights, backdrops, decor, and more that has to be set up perfectly to complete the look. All these accessories need to be found online and ordered and this in itself can be a costly and time-consuming venture. This is what sets a professional cake smash photographer apart from an amateur. They have the experience and know-how to create a beautiful scene for your little one’s cake smash session.

Cake Smash Photographer | Whitby Photography | Clean up

Clean up for a cake smash can also be time-consuming. For example, there can be icing everywhere and on everyone and if a splash is involved I have had water on every wall and ceiling! I usually have to clean walls, ceiling, backdrops (if not paper), and all props before putting them away for the next child.


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