Oshawa Photography Locations | Our Top Three Favorite Locations for a Family Session.

Oshawa photography locations offer a ton of diversity for a family photography session.  There is so much to choose from in the durham region depending on what lookyou would prefer.   Oshawa offers waterfronts, forests, rolling fields, and gorgeous gardens.  If a more urban city look is what you are aiming Oshawa has that too. With tasteful artistic graffiti, and the city buildings in the downtown core.

As far as photography settings go, we have everything a photographer could need in a close vicinity in Durham region.

Every photographer has a certain look they love, a style to their photography that speaks to their soul.  For example, my preferred style is dark and moody where as some photographers prefer light and airy. Beaches are very know for light and airy style. I prefer locations that are more country based such as tree farms, forests, and conservation areas. 

Below is a list of my favorite top three family photography session locations and why I love them.

Oshawa Photography Locations: 1. Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm

Blackstock Christmas tree farm is located in Blackstock Ontario.  This tree farm is an excellent location for those cozy fall and winter photos.  I’m a genuine lover of all things fall, for example, cozy sweaters and tights, hot cocoa, and pumpkin spice anything.   These sessions are done in late fall/early winter giving the opportunity for fall images or winter/Christmas images.

I use this location year after year for family sessions and pre-book the dates in late spring/early summer typically.  I tend to book a couple different dates in the hopes that it is warmer (early November) and no snow for the littles I photograph. I find the younger children find it harder to go without a jacket in the cool weather as a result, we don’t end up with the genuine smiles we are hoping for.  The second date is more in late November (with the hope for snow) for the older families that tolerate a little cold weather more comfortably.

This location provides not only a yearly preservation of your memories but also turns into a whole day of fun.  The tree farm offers the opportunity to cut down your own tree, drink hot cocoa, and a great way to make some memories and start a yearly tradition.

Christmas tree farm mini sessions usually sell out very quickly and are my most popular sessions.  If you are looking to book a tree farm session please keep an eye on my facebook page or your emails (previous clients only) for details on when and how to book.




oshawa photography locations

Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm

Oshawa Photography Locations: 2. Enniskillen Conservation Area | Oshawa Photography Locations

oshawa photography locations

I have a personal love for conservation areas.  They have so much to offer. Conservation areas are found almost everywhere.  They have walking and biking trails, and educations centers (not all), they overall make my heart happy as they are like an epicenter for nature.  Overall they are a great place to get some fresh air, exercise, therefore a great place to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city for a short while.

This conservation area in particular is a favorite of mine due to the memories I have built there with my family, my fur baby Morgan and my LRP families.

I have done family portraits sessions here in any season as they have beautiful elements all year round. I occasionally have mini sessions here for promotions I hold throughout the year.

Most conservation areas do come with a fee for parking which can be paid through an automated machine and the fee is pretty minimal for everything you can see and do.

Enniskillen Conservation Area

Oshawa Photography Locations 3. Lavender-Blu

oshawa photography locations
durham region child photographer

Lavender-Blu is a little lavender farm that is only a short drive away that is absolutely adorable.  It is located in the small town of Seagrave, Ontario.

I find lavender farms give me a total zen.  I feel peaceful at lavender farms.  The smell is to die for.  The colours create an inner peace to me.  There is no wonder why a large number of yoga is held at these magnificient farms.

The backdrop at lavender farms creates such stunning images, then add a beautiful sunrise or sunset and voila! Perfection!

Lavender mini’s sessions are only held when the lavender is in bloom which is a couple of weeks in July.  I book my days and times for the lavender farms early in the year.  These mini sessions are huge with photographers and there is no wonder why.  The images that are created are magnificient.


In conclusion there is so much that Oshawa and surrounding areas has to offer photographers.  Oshawa photography locations have a dynamic range of environments, and scenery that can please everyone and what they want for their portraits.