Photo Studio Oshawa | Top Ten Essentials for Each Genre of Photography We Do

Our photo studio Oshawa has essentials that I feel I can not go without for each type of session.  Sometimes it can be photography equipment for example lighting or lenses but there is so much more to a photography studio than just the actual  photography equipment.

I believe in having the best equipment to produce those beautiful timeless images.  I also firmly believe in creating a memorable experience with the comfort of our subjects in mind.

There are many things in our home based studio that are very important to everyone. With each genre of photography we do the needs can vary immensely.  For example,  a milestone session or cake smash, it is important to have warm and soft towels for drying off.  Below is a list of our essentials separated by each genre of photography we complete at LRP.

Photo Studio | Milestone/Cake Smash Photography Studio

Milestone and Cake Smash sessions are a big hit with families.  It’s a celebration of reaching a huge milestone and documenting a child at certain ages.

Our Milestone sessions are a quick 30 minutes in-studio session with the focus being on the child.  This session has limited props (if any), therefore keeping the focus of the main subject the child in question.

Our Cake smash sessions are a 60 minute in-studio session.   These sessions include props, themes, cake and a cake splash with bubbles.  Cake smash sessions are designed with a theme in mind and therefore can be discussed during the pre-consultation telephone call.

photo studio oshawa

Top Ten Essentials for In-Studio Milestone/Cake Smash Session

1. Plug in heater

2. Wash tub

3. Cake stands

4. Back drops/Holder

5. Studio lighting

6. Towels/Wash cloth

7. Wooden Spoon

8. Subjects favorite snack

9. Blowing bubbles

10. Baby body wash

11. Not really equipment but I included in the list anyway….PATIENCE

photography studio

Photo Studio  | Newborn Session

photography studio
Newborn Photography Sessions are by far my favorite sessions.  Don’t get me wrong I love every session I do, but there is nothing better than snuggling with a baby.

Our newborn photography sessions are 3-4 hour in length.  The sessions are held in our Oshawa in home photography studio in the mornings when baby’s seem to sleep best.

Our newborn session fee does include family portraits and sibling portraits, a pre-session consultation and one ordering appointment.  All sessions are custom designed to family preferences, style and colours preferred.  With every newborn session it includes naked poses, wrapped poses and prop poses.


photo studio oshawa

Top Ten Essentials for In- Studio Newborn Session

1. Posing tables

2. Studio lighting

3. Comfy couch

4. Beverages and snacks

5. Diaper Genie

6. Plug in heater

7. Wipes

8. White noise

9. Backdrops

10. Wraps/Props

photography studio
photography newborn studio

Photo Studio | Family Session

Family photography sessions are always held outdoors at Lori Roberts Photography.  I use select favorite Oshawa photography locations throughout the Durham Region. All family photography sessions are held during the “golden hour” which is the best lighting for outdoor portraits which is around sunrise and sundown.

Our family session fees include up to 10 subjects and one hour in length. All family sessions are subject to rescheduling due to extreme weather conditions due to the ever changing weather.

Top Ten Essentials for Outdoor Family Session

1. Tripod

2. Blankets

3. Stools

4. Weather dependent equipment (hand warmers etc)

5. Apple boxes

6. Appropriate lighting

7. Toys for children

8. Noise makers

9. Props



photo studio oshawa
photography studio
family photographer oshawa

In conclusion, not only is it essential to learn your camera, photography composition, and to master your craft, equipment is essential to a successful photography session.  Without this essential equipment a session would not be possible.  I would not be able to create beautiful timeless portraits that all my families love. There is so much more to a session than just a camera.

Newborn Photography Essentials

Planning a Cake Smash Photoshoot