Best Friend Photoshoot | Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm

I think that a best friend photoshoot are just as important as family photoshoots. A Best friend photoshoot captures the love and friendship between two (or more) people who have been close for years. These pictures will be a reminder of those first days when you were inseparable. One of my favorite things about best friend photoshoots is how they can be more relaxed than other types of photography sessions.  No one is worried about looking perfect or getting every detail right  Best friends don’t care what their hair looks like or if their mascara has smudged under their eyes – it’s all about having fun!

I love photographing a best friend photoshoot cause it is always so much fun. I love the closeness that they have and how anything goes. This is the one person that knows absolutely everything about you and there is no reservations about just being your true self.

Blackstock christmas tree farm

Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm | A Recent Best Friend Photoshoot I Photographed

I recently photographed a best friend photoshoot at Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm in November. They were three close friends and this was a Christmas gift from one of these friends to the others. It was so sweet to see the love and friendship between these three women captured on camera. This best friend photoshoot was held at Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm.  Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm  is a beautiful location for doing photo sessions. This session was full of laughs and good memories although it was a little chilly. I’m so excited to share these pictures with the world – I think they really capture the essence of friendship!

It was a perfect time of the day for the perfect golden hour light and I was able to capture so many beautiful images for these wonderful ladies.

Best friend photoshoots are just as important to me as family ones, and I love capturing the special bond between people.

best friend photoshoot

Best Friend Photoshoot | What to Wear

First up, what should you wear for your best friend photoshoot? Well there are no hard and fast rules but I think it’s important to coordinate your outfits a little bit. That way you’ll both look great in the photos! Check out my wardrobe suggestions in my blog post Fall Family Photo’s | What to Wear for Photos.


Best Friend Photoshoot Ideas