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As a Whitby newborn photographer I had the privilege of photographing my new niece, Reese for her posed newborn photos as well as meeting her for the first time! It was a lot of fun! I have to say that posed newborn photography is definitely a labour of love; it takes a lot of patience and skill to get those sweet little poses just right. But the results are definitely worth it! Here are some of my favourite shots from the session.

Whitby newborn photographer

I love the light in this shot, and the way it

wraps around my niece’s little head. I used

studio strobes to get this look. The softness

of the shadows creates depth in an image

that otherwise could have been flat.

This is another favourite as this image

really captures the innocence and

vulnerability of newborns.


Posed Newborn Photos | Whitby Newborn Photographer | Ideal Age

Posed newborn photography shows you how much babies can change in their first few weeks. I photographed my niece at 4 weeks of age for these posed newborn photos. If you have ever wondered when the best time to take newborn photos is, I would say that it’s within the first two weeks after birth. By then they have generally settled into a routine and are more cooperative. Here’s a little something more on Tips and Tricks for Newborn Session Success see my other blogs posts.

Ideally I would not have waited until this later age for Reese but unfortunately due to illness and COVID 19 restrictions there was no choice but to wait. Reese was harder to keep asleep due to age and overall the session took twice as long as normal but we got the images we were looking for and she did not disappoint. She had wonderful chub for miles as she was whopping 12 lbs during these images. Welcome to our crazy family little miss Reese you are absolutely beautiful.

whitby newborn photographer

While Reese seemingly loved being part of the images my nephew was having no part of the action or his new sister! My brother and I had a great chuckle with a memory of when we were kids. When we were little, during a wedding, my brother was in tears cause he had to touch my elbow during the wedding party photo. I told him like father like son! HAHA.

Posed Newborn Photos | Newborn Photography Whitby

I hope you enjoyed these preview shots! If you are interested in booking a session with me, please contact me through my website or by email. I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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