Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm

Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm is located in the quant little town of Blackstock Ontario.  Blackstock, Ontario is located approximately an hour north east of Toronto, Ontario.  This cute little Christmas Tree Farm is a family run farm that celebrates new and continued Christmas tree traditions for families.

This location is a very popular location for our family Christmas holiday photography.  Our photography sessions held at the farm vary on dates from year to year but mainly are focused in one date in early November and one date in late November.

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The early November dates we try to save for the families that have younger children. A reason we do this is the younger children are not as tolerant of the colder weather that arrive in later November.  There is nothing worse than an unhappy youngster that is uncomfortable and as a result we don’t get those genuine smiles. Another reason for our earlier November dates is some families prefer the look of green Christmas trees, blue skies and the woodsy feel.

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Blackstock christmas tree farm

During the late November dates the farm is more likely to have snow and with the snow it portrays more of a Christmas feel, but tend to much colder.

For all of our outdoor Christmas sessions we provide hand warmers, blankets and time to stop and warm up and therefore are able to produce more genuine smiles with the little children and families and provide a  comfortable photography experience.

Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm Experience

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This farm offers a memorable adventure on the farm hunting down that perfect Christmas tree to cut down and bring home to decorate.  The farm also has pre-cut tree if that is more your families jam.  For any trees taken home the farm offers complimentary tree bailing for ease to transport to a families home.

A day at Blackstock Christmas tree farm (non Covid times) also offers candy canes, cider and hot chocolate during the weekends.  The farm also has a cute little Christmas themed store to browse through and perhaps make a tradition of buying a yearly tree decoration.

Our Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm Photography Sessions

These photography sessions are 30 minutes in length but are booked in one hour increments so we leave time before and after each session for rest, warming up so it doesn’t feel rushed and are able to keep the little ones happy.

With these photography sessions our photography investment is $250 which includes the pre-consultation, physical photography session, and one ordering appointment. Typically our families order 5-10 images in a variety of different products.  The average amount spent for our Christmas Tree Farm sessions is $500-1000.

Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm

Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm

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