8 Tips and Tricks For Great Newborn and Sibling Photography with Oshawa Newborn Photography Lori Roberts

Newborn and sibling photography can be tricky and a number one worry for many parents coming for an Oshawa Newborn Photography session.  Therefore, as an Oshawa Newborn Photographer, I have learned several tricks that help with the smoothest newborn photography session possible.

As a parent with baby number two, three, four or five on the way, there are many things to worry about! All aspects of your life will become increasingly difficult as you now have another mealtime, potty time, snuggle and sleep schedule to accommodate.

I don’t want you to feel like adding a newborn photo shoot to your list of things to do is just one worry too many. But unfortunately, getting good photos with siblings can be tricky, so as an Oshawa newborn photographer, I’ve put together my top tips and tricks for amazing newborn photos with siblings that will make your life much easier. Newborn images will capture your child’s earliest moments and provide lasting memories for you and your family, so why not make the process enjoyable for everyone?

Why Newborn Portraits are Important to Development

newborn and sibling photography

Oshawa Newborn Photographer | Newborn and Sibling Photography

1.  Let Your Toddler be Involved in The Process.

Let’s think about things from big brother and sister’s perspective. They know that baby will start getting a lot of attention and want to hold onto some of that. Therefore, let’s make them feel special too during this photoshoot! If you involve your toddler in the planning process, they are more likely to be excited and cooperative on the day of the shoot.

Making the shoot a big production for them will make them feel included. This way, when it’s their turn to pose with their baby sibling, they know how important they are!

In addition, instead of telling your toddler to be happy as soon as they get on set, we’ll give them a purpose, like singing to baby whenever they get fussy or grabbing something out of the diaper bag. Now everyone is happy and its all part of The Photography Experience.

Timing Newborn and Sibling Photography Appropriately

2.  Timing is Everything

Plan your photo shoot for when your toddler is well-rested and fed. A grumpy or tired toddler will not make for a pleasant experience (for anyone!).

As an Oshawa Newborn Photographer, I Want Everyone to Have Fun!

3.  Let Them Play!

I’m sure you’re aware toddlers have short attention spans, therefore planning is the best way to keep them occupied as we work on the shoot. Feel free to bring snacks and toys to keep them busy so we can avoid an on-set meltdown.

4.  Get Your Toddler Excited!

What toddler do you know doesn’t love seeing a photo of themself? Probably none, right? Yeah, me too! The great thing about toddlers is they’re amazed by the little things, so by showing them pictures of other siblings from previous shoots, they’ll get all wound up and ready for the action. We’ll take plenty of photos, so if they want to try out a few poses or make silly faces, why not!

In Newborn and Sibling Photography, Breaks are Everything!

5.  Let them take breaks.

When you sign up to be an Oshawa newborn photographer, your patience level must be out of this world. This also applies to toddler photography! When combining the two photoshoot styles, we all must remain calm (not only for our sake but theirs)! Before I bring a big brother and sister to the set, I let them get comfortable with me, my assistant, and the studio.

It’s important to remember that toddlers get cold feet too. Sometimes the new environment, people, and equipment scare them, so if they run off, we’ll gently lead them back into the set with our words. We’ll never force your child to sit and smile; we don’t want unwilling participants!


An Oshawa Newborn Photographer Swaddle is Key

 6.  Swaddle the Baby

Newborn and sibling photography becomes much more challenging when we have two sets of tiny hands and feet to account for. As such, we often swaddle little babies for newborn photoshoots with older siblings. The great news is, they don’t mind it! Newborns are comfortable and happy being wrapped, reminding them of being warm and cozy in Mom’s tummy!

Big brother and sister don’t mind either! They’re just excited to cuddle next to their baby sibling. But I can guarantee they wouldn’t be beaming with joy if a newborn baby was squirming or hitting them in the face!


 Merging Files in Newborn and Sibling Photography Makes it Safer.


 7.  Photoshop is Our Best Friend

While some big brothers and sisters are comfortable – and capable – of holding and snuggling a newborn baby for the photo shoot, others aren’t. And that’s no problem with us!

Some of the best photos I’ve gotten are with the use of photoshop for some placement editing.

Our number one priority on set with newborns is safety. As a result, we’ve created ways to work around toddlers that aren’t ready to hold their new baby sibling. With delicate placement, we’ll have your toddler posed beside a prop like an empty crate. Once we have their pictures, they’re free to play, and it’s time for a newborn baby! Then, with a little sprinkle of magic photoshop dust, we’ll have those little ones looking like they were snuggled up all along.



8.  Bribery Always Works

Bribery sounds terrible, but let’s be honest; we’re all motivated by incentives. Toddlers are no different here, and there’s no shame in having to coax them into a smile for the shot. I’ll explain some excellent and lousy bribing methods so you know what to do!

Oshawa newborn photography

The Good and Bad of Bribery in Newborn and Sibling Photography


  • Bribing with something you have on you right now.
  • Bribe with snacks that photograph well. Fruit snacks won’t leave crumbs or stain clothing.
  • Bribe in increments. Ask for two smiles, give a treat, two more smiles, and another treat.


  • Offering a treat long after the shoot is done. They want it now!
  • Please don’t give them chocolate! It melts and smears all over their face and hands. As delicious as chocolate is, your child will look like they haven’t had a bath.
  • Strict punishment throughout the shoot is a no-go. Although kids need leadership and discipline to behave appropriately, you can’t get a smile out of a child who’s been scolded.