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Newborn Photographers know when you’re a new parent, there are many things to think about and prepare for – from choosing the right stroller to figuring out how to swaddle your baby. One thing that may not be on your radar is finding a newborn photographer. But this is an important decision, as you will want to capture your little one’s first few weeks of life in photos that will last a lifetime. So now, you may ask yourself, ‘what should I look for in a newborn photographer?’ Well, that’s a great question! Below are four points to consider when choosing a newborn photographer.
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1.  Ask about their experience with newborns as a newborn photographer.

When selecting a photographer to work with your newborn, ensuring they have a credible work history is a must. You’ll want to ask your photographer how many newborns they’ve photographed and what their experiences are like.

Generally, you can tell a newborn photographer’s experience level just by posing. You don’t want your newborn looking uncomfortable throughout the shoot, so check to see if there is tension in your baby’s face, hands, and feet.

 2.  Has your newborn photographer taken newborn photography workshops?

One distinguishing factor between good newborn photo sessions and ugly ones is if you are working with a newborn-safety trained photographer. Newborn photography workshops teach crucial information about photographing newborns safely since their heads are weighty compared to the rest of their body (a baby’s head makes up 25%+ of their weight). Therefore, you want to ensure your photographer or assistant will support your newborn’s head the entire shoot. Don’t worry; the assistant’s hands will be edited out, so you won’t see them in the finals.

 3.  Does your newborn photographer have a studio? Where is it located? What are the hours?

Knowing what to expect on this big day will help ease any concerns. You’ll want to see if you are expected to have the session at your home if outdoor sessions are available, and when you can book appointments. Many studios offer consultation calls, so don’t hesitate to request a studio tour before your meeting. Most newborn photographers are happy to show you around their studio.

 4.  Does Your Newborn Photographer Have Safety Protocols in Place?

Now when we hear ‘safety protocols,’ our first instinct is to think of covid. But let’s zoom out a little and remember that when photographing newborn babies, it’s crucial there are no physical hazards. Newborns have ‘startle reflexes,’ so an assistant must be within arm’s reach throughout the shoot to prevent accidents. You’ll also want to ensure your photographer cleans all the backdrops, props, and accessories after each use. Your photographer and assistant should begin the session in a freshly washed uniform, and all props must be inspected for defects and sharp edges. Photography health and safety are of utmost importance.

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 Selecting a newborn photographer is a big decision, but if you keep these four things in mind, you’ll find the perfect fit for you and your family! Newborn photography Toronto is a special way to remember those early days with your little one – the days go by oh-so-fast. So, take plenty of time, do your research, and enjoy the process!

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