What to Wear to Your Newborn Photography Shoot | Ajax Photography

What to Wear to Your Newborn Photography Shoot | Ajax Photography

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What to wear to your newborn photography shoot is a common question we get asked? This article from a leading Ajax photography company will give helpful tips to focus on your new joy rather than your clothes!

Styling Tips for Parents and Siblings | Ajax Photography | What to Wear to Your Newborn Photography Shoot

1. Wear clothes that won’t wrinkle easily. This tip is self-explanatory. Throughout the shoot, you’ll be holding your baby, and the shifting to get into position may cause wrinkles. This is one less thing to worry about while we capture these precious moments.

 2. Avoid clothes that need constant readjustments. If your outfit doesn’t rest well, your bra strap needs to be tucked in, your shoulder strap keeps falling, or your top is too short to stay tucked into your pants, consider finding a replacement that you equally love.

 3. Wear solid colours or non-distracting prints. You want to keep the attention on your newborn as much as possible. Avoid distracting patterns for a timeless look so you can enjoy your photos for many years.

 4. Wear whites/creams, black or neutrals. 

  • White is a timeless shade that references the innocence of your newborn baby.
  • Neutrals work great to keep the attention on your baby and off your clothes.
  • Black is an option for mothers who may be insecure about their post-maternity bodies.

 5. Do not wear clothing with words. Our eyes immediately focus on words in photographs. To keep eyes on your faces and your baby, avoid wearing clothing with brand names and sayings like “big brother” so there isn’t competition for attention.

 6. Wear clothing with texture. Adding in the element of texture creates a three-dimensional effect to the photos. Wearing neutral-coloured clothing that’s textured like thick knits, lacy tops, and chunky sweaters makes the images timeless.

 7. Bring a change of clothes to the session. If you want to hold your baby nude in the photos, there is a high chance you could get a little mess on you along the way. If you plan on keeping your baby swaddled, we keep a diaper on your newborn.

what to wear to your newborn photography shoot

Tips for Mom and Dad | What to Wear to Your Newborn Photography Shoot | Ajax Photography 

  1. Wear clothes to your newborn photoshoot session that you’re comfortable in. If it’s a dress you love, wear it! Maybe it’s a maternity top you like, wear it! This shoot celebrates your baby; you deserve to feel happy and comfortable! Sometimes it’s the most straightforward and most comfortable pieces that photograph the best.

 2. Pick out items that flow. Fabric that moves or has texture always makes for a more dynamic photo. Many women who have just delivered their baby don’t feel the most beautiful (although, hello? You’re gorgeous!) Fabric that moves and flows around the body flattering and is comfortable for new moms. Textures are also great; they add visual appeal and aren’t distracting.

 3. Roll up the sleeves, dad! This tip works exceptionally well if you’re wearing a button-up shirt to your session. There’s something incredibly touching about seeing skin-to-skin with dad and baby. It brings a casual and intimate tone to the image.

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All newborn photography sessions come with a welcome package and a newborn photography prep guide that extensively covers information on the portrait experience and common faqs that previous clients have asked.  I am always happy to help with any questions, and feel free to contact me.

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