What are the Benefits to an Oshawa Family Photography Mini Photo Shoot?

For Oshawa family photography a mini photo shoot is still a relatively new concept in working with a professional photographer. In one of these sessions you will get 15-20 minutes with your photographer in one setting for a predetermined number of images that you will receive after the session. Mini photo shoots are quick and the perfect way that you can get some amazing photos in a place that is special to you. A mini photo shoot isn’t something that is hands off from a photographer, it is an event that is inclusive and the photos that are captured will be edited and sent to you with the option to buy in for more prints or products. Usually the session fee will include two prints or digital files that will be edited for your use with the option to get as many as 5-8 other shots with an extra editing fee.

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Here are some of the top benefits that you can receive by choosing a mini photo shoot:

You can save time with a mini photo shoot:

A traditional Oshawa family photography photo shoot can often require staging in a few locations, doing multiple poses or waiting for the right time of day to get the perfect look. Sessions that are done in 15-20 mine time lapses make fitting in your photo session as easy as going for coffee with a friend or stopping in to get a few groceries on the way home. A mini session fits all lifestyles and takes little planning.

Capture the places that are important to you during your Oshawa family photography:

Going into a studio for a traditional Oshawa family  photography session produces photos that are professional but not always unique. A mini photo shoot with a loved one or as a family will have you showing off your favourite spots. You can meet up and get autumn shots with the changing leaves or get some photos in your backyard with your gardens in full bloom. Mini photo shoots are all about getting amazing photos done in your favourite places for a unique look!

Convenient choices for Oshawa family photography:

A mini photo shoot will make sure you can have a convenient choice for your prints. There is no need to sift through hundreds of images over a full day session. You will have a few poses and a few images that capture the experience and these can be edited into photos you can love forever after the session is done.

A great trial run:

Whether you are going for Oshawa professional photos for the first time or you don’t know what it’s going to be like getting photos done with kids or pets, a mini photo shoot is the best way to find out what it’s like to work with an Oshawa photographer and what you can expect when booking them for a longer shoot at different locations. A mini photo shoot is the perfect trial run for a longer session or to see how your children may enjoy the experience.

Great cost savings:

There is very low commitment in a photography special events mini photo shoot. You will only be paying for the photographer for a short amount of time and likely 1-2 finished images. You can buy the digital files at a specific price and get the images you need for keepsakes and more. Being able to streamline the session makes this a budget friendly choice.

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