Whitby Photography | What is in my Camera Bag

Whitby Photography | What is in my Camera Bag

It’s that time of year again, and as I’m getting ready to travel for Whitby Photography, here are some things I like to have on hand. What every photographer needs in their camera bag is a good camera – but what else? From card readers to lens cleaners, there are so many different items! Read the blog post below for a list of what is in my camera bag.

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What is in my Camera Bag

1. Camera
2. Lens
3. Extra battery pack
4. Memory cards
5. Cleaning cloths
6. Rain Gear

Whitby Photography | What is in my Camera Bag

What is in my Camera Bag | CAMERA

The Nikon D810 is my camera of choice due to its lightweight and versatility nature.  The resolution is perfect for extreme close ups and far away subjects while still maintaining vibrant colors in both daylight or low light situations. Which is why I choose this camera.  It is the perfect fit for what is in my camera bag for Whitby photography.

What is in my Camera Bag | LENS

I choose to usually have a couple choices in my bag for whitby photography.  I like prime lenses.  I find they are the best option for me and while they can be a pain having to change them as they do not zoom, I find the quality of pictures I get from using them is well worth the inconvienence. What lens all boils down to what I want for your whitby photography.

My go to lens for whitby photography for families is my Nikon 85mm 1.8, but will usually also have on hand my Nikon 105mm  macro lens and my Nikon 50mm 1.8.  I like these lenses as I try to shoot at a lower f stop to help with the best lighting for outdoor portraits.  I tend to shoot whitby family portraits during the “golden hour” which is sunset.

What is in my Camera Bag | BATTERY

This is a pretty obvious necessity in my mind.  Having an extra battery is essential to Whitby photography.  Without an extra battery you can’t proceed with a session if the battery dies or if a battery malfunctions for any reason.  During the colder weather batteries also tend to deplete power at a faster rate.  Nothing would be more embarrising than if you had to tell a family their session had to be rebooked due to not having an extra battery.  This is why an extra battery is what is in my camera bag at all times.

What is in my Camera Bag | CLEANING CLOTHS

Cleaning cloths are very important to keep your lenses clean.  Any dust or debris during a photography session that gets on your lens can create artifact in any whitby photography session.  Having that cleaning cloth gives you the opportunity to keep your lens clean and prevent ruin a whitby photography session or prevent a ton of editing later on.

What is in my Camera Bag | RAIN GEAR

Rain gear is what is in my camera bag at all times as well.  Lets be real we live in Canada and there is no bigger changes daily than in the weather.  Rain can be very damaging to camera equipment and to prevent a session being moved to a nicer day there is no better way than to protect it and continue on with rain gear.

Whitby Photography | What is in my Camera Bag

This list is a starting point for what to pack in your photography camera bag. There are many other items that you may need, depending on the type of shoot and location. Keep these basics with you at all times so they’re never out of reach! What am I missing from my own camera bag? Share any additional essentials below!

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