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Photography artist, Lori Roberts is based in Oshawa Ontario. Photography by Lori Roberts Photography offers professional photography services for newborns, Children, and Families. Lori started Lori Robert Photography in 2015 as a sole proprietor. She is the photographer of her work offering personalized customer service to all clients.

You can find out more about my journey in this blog post as well as a little about me.

Photography Artist | Who I am

I am 39 years old and a mother of a beautiful nine-year-old girl named Chelsea, and a handsome busy four-year-old son named Colten, my dog Morgan and two cats Esmerelda and Aspen. My husband, children and I reside in Oshawa where we have been for the past eight years. Photography is the passion that has taken me on an incredible journey since starting Lori Roberts Photography in 2015.

I grew up in a small town near Barrie Ontario with my father, stepmother, and stepbrother. I love anything artistic and creative. I love animals and graduated with the highest honors from Northern College as a Veterinary Technician. Which I still do casually to help out the clinic I was employed at pre-children. I am highly motivated and not afraid to go after what I want. I am confident and not afraid to speak the truth. My husband says there is nothing I can’t do or at least give it a good honest effort.

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Photography Artist | How Lori Robert Became a Photography Artist

After doing more research on photography, Lori realized that this was something she wanted to do.” I always was very artistic growing up. I was always drawing and painting as a creative outlet as a child and young adult. Unfortunately, as time went on with the demands of my career and raising my family my passion for art went on the back burner. ” Photography has always been a passion of Lori’s and it’s an art form that can be very personal. It was decided weddings weren’t an interest but at that time Lori was a new mother. ” I knew I loved photographing my daughter and our journey together as a family.” Capturing everyday moments is so important to Lori Roberts Photography because those are so short-lived.

Photography Oshawa | First Steps to Becoming a Photography Artist

Photography is a very diverse field with many different areas to specialize in. To begin her career as a photography artist, Lori did a lot of research and read as many books on photography as she could find. “This gave me a broad understanding of the art form and helped me identify the area of photography that interested me most.”

Once she felt comfortable and understood the dynamics of photography, Lori decided to buy her first DSLR camera, which was a Nikon D3200.  At this time researching started about owning a business in Ontario and all the aspects of owning a business.

“I started to photograph my surroundings, experimenting with different techniques. I quickly fell in love with the art form and decided to make it my career. Photography has allowed me to capture beautiful moments and share them with others. It’s a passion that I am truly grateful for.”

Photography Oshawa | Next Steps to Becoming a Photography Artist

After Lori had learned her camera and filled her brain with all this information she had learned, she applied for her business license and insurance. Once the licenses were finalized Lori began to take on clients. These clients were free of charge and mostly families outdoors. Photography is an art form, so it’s important to always be learning and growing in your craft.

Progressively Lori started to take on more and more paid family sessions and took all her images outdoors. At this point, Lori started to become interested in Oshawa newborn photography and Oshawa cake smash photography as art forms. Capturing the innocence of a new life or the joy of a first birthday party is something that she found truly beautiful.

“I started to complete certifications for newborn photography and dived back into as much research as I could for everything newborn and cake smash photography.” Next she started taking on newborn and child model calls and worked up to paying clients. “This was a whole new world to me, but I was excited to learn all that I could about it.”

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Photography Artist | Photography Oshawa | Oshawa Photography Studio

In order for Lori to photograph newborn and cake smash photography, she needed an Oshawa Photography Studio. “My husband and I decided to convert our basement into a child-friendly Oshawa Photography Studio. It was a lot of work, but it turned out great!”

The Oshawa photography studio is a great place for families to come and have portraits taken. All these extra details make portraits at LRP the photography experience that it is and loved by many. The Oshawa Photography studio is stocked with everything families may need, including diapers, wipes, and sanitizers. The Oshawa photography studio has comfortable seating and coffee, beverages, and snacks for the family to enjoy while they wait. There is also a TV and toys for entertainment.

Photography Artist | Photography Oshawa | Present Day

“I am so thankful for all the knowledge I learned over the years has allowed me to become one of the leading Oshawa newborn, child, and family photographers. It has been a privilege for me to be able to meet so many families and children, watching them grow year after year. This second career path has given me more time at home with my family without having to be gone due to the high demands of employment. I started with little knowledge of photography and just a love for photographing my children and year after year, moved my business to where we are today.” said Lori.

Photography Oshawa | Who we are Today

Lori Roberts Photography is currently a luxury newborn, child, and family photography studio that specializes in fine art products. They have added employees to their business and are continually improving the art with education and upgrading so Lori can be the best Oshawa photographer she possibly can be. “I am and will always be grateful for every family that walks through our door and it makes me so happy to be able to capture other families’ memories like my own.”


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