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Newborn photography Whitby is a skill that takes patience and precision.   Even with the skills that are needed to become a Oshawa newborn photographer without the proper tools and equipment newborn photography Whitby would not be possible.  One of these propers tools and equipment are props.  Props are essential to variety and lets be real, are absolutely adorable. Newborn photography Whitby and prop vendors go hand in hand.  As a Oshawa newborn photographer I have several favorite prop vendors that I love.  Below is a list of some of my favorite newborn photograph prop vendors I use frequently.

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Prop Vendors

Hello Little Props

Hello Little props is by far one of my favorite prop vendors.  I came upon this newborn photography prop company by happenstance on Facebook.  I was searching for  prop vendors pages and found this gem of a page called Hello Little Props.  Hello Little Props has helped take my newborn photography Whitby company soaring.  I purchase all of my fabric backdrops from them, as well as some bonnets, wraps and posing equipment.

Newborn Photography Whitby | Erin and Therese Rouse | Prop Vendors

Newborn Photography Whitby | Prop Vendors | Hello Little and Who They Are

Hello Little Props is owned by a couple of newborn photographer wives, Theresa and Erin Rouse.   The company began as a way to provide Erin Rouse with props for their newborn sessions, as well as supplement her prop addiction.  Yes, all us newborn photographer have a prop addiction to some degree!

The great thing about Erin and Theresa is they are real people.  They don’t sugar coat anything.  These wonderful women care about others, and they are so kind, as well as so giving.  Their love for all things animal, vegetarian, and creation blow my mind.  This dynamic duo also have a love for beauty products and have hosted many hilarious live videos with their experiments with these products.  Erin is the main creative mind set behind the business and Theresa is the msin business mind behind the business however they bounce idead off of one another.  Its amazing to see a business that started so small has grown to epic proportions in such a small amount of time.

Newborn Photography Whitby | Prop Vendors | Hello Little Props Growth

Since I started purchasing from this prop vendor company they have grown exponentially.  What started out as a small scale fabric backdrop prop company has shifted to fabric backdrops, fabric wraps, bonnets, headbands, baby clothing, posing aids, props and education.  Hello Little Props was started in a small side room in their Wisconsin USA newborn photography studio.   That company has shifted to a massive warehouse with a team of many employees.  Instead of a few rolls of fabric in the past, they now have shipment containers of fabrics. As far as I know they are running out of room to store all the wonderful things they have for purchase.

Newborn Photography Whitby | Prop Vendors | Hello Little Fabrics

Fabric backdrops they have for purchase are as luxurious as they can come.  They are beautiful colours, and textures as well as the fabrics are soft and comfortable for babies during a newborn photography Whitby session.  My goal for a photography experience for everyone is imperitive and these fantastic props provide that for all my newborn photography Whitby sessions.

Newborn Photography Whitby | Prop Vendors | Where they are Today 

At the beginning just the Theresa and Erin were doing it all on their own.  Running their newborn photography business, running their prop vendor business and raising two amazing children.  It was and is awe inspiring.  Today the ladies have many employees.  These employees help run the show.  Whether it is designing headbands and bonnets, to shipping, to invoicing.  There is someone to help with it all.  I have to say thank you to every one of them because without all of you where would my prop addiction be?

Hello Little Props

Pretty Lux Newborn Props

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Newborn Photography Whitby | Prop Vendors | About Pretty Lux Newborn Props

Pretty Lux Newborn Props is another one of my favourite prop vendors that I absolutely love.  I purchase newborn girl head bands/tie backs for my newborn photography Whitby studio from this prop vendor.

This prop vendors owner is Liz Kregelka.  She is from Kentucky USA.  Her vision for her tie backs she produces are absolutely stunning.  Liz’s tie back have the most intricate bead work.  Her ties backs are just absolutely gorgeous.  It is no wonder her headbands are in hot demand and always sell out as fast as they get placed in the shop.

I currently have a number of her tie backs in a variety of colours and am always on the hunt for more for my newborn photography Whitby studio.  They are absolutely perfect for newborn baby girls.  They are dainty, pretty and luxurious and perfect for my newborn photography Whitby studio and as such this prop vendors very high on my list of favourites.

Pretty Lux Designs Props

Newborn Photography Whitby | Prop Vendors | Lily Bear Studio Props

newborn photography whitby | Prop vendors
Newborn Photography Whitby | Prop Vendors | About Lily Bear Studio Props

Lily Bear Studio Props is a unique prop company for my when it comes to prop vendors.  The company is unique due to the fact it is local for my to pick up.  This is a huge factor as to why I love this company as well as they sell fantastic Flokati’s.  Many of the prop vendors I love are USA based and due to that shipping costs are extremely high, so this a definite perk to Canadian prop vendors.

Newborn Photography Whitby | Prop Vendors | Flokati’s

Flokati’s for those that are wondering a those really fuzzy rugs that are used by newborn photographers.  I am a lover of how flokatis photography and give a soft, dreamy look to our newborn photography Whitby images.  The flokatis are only available a number of times a year and are a pre-order type prop item.  They are made and shipped from Greece on demand and due to this are only available a number of times a year.

Lily Bear Studio Props

Newborn Photography Whitby | Prop Vendors | Conclusion

In conclusion, there are many things that are important to our newborn photography Whitby studio.  Prop vendors is very high on that list.  Props are a portion of what makes a great image.  Prop vendors can be found all over the world, have different creative visions, and have different pricing however you must pick what works for your newborn photography studio.