Oshawa photography art products are an amazing way to display the beautiful images that have been captured. The images of the  people you love most in the universe.  Why do I offer products and not just digital images?  There are a few reasons for this.

  1. The images that I produce should be displayed.  They are beautiful images of the people you love.  The portraits should be on your walls, and bring a smile to your face daily.
  2. Why pay for a professional photographer to capture beautiful images and put them on a disk or USB and never look at them again?
  3. Printing labs all have different colour profiles and no image looks the same when printed.  My devices are calibrated to a specific colour profile and matches my printing labs to create the best printed images as possible.
oshawa photography art products

Oshawa Photography Art Products: What We Offer


Albums are a beautiful way to display newborn portraits.  An album has the ability to display many images, doesnt take a lot of space or need a large wall to display.  This is a very versatile option for families that prefer not to have wall art.

A keepsake album is created with photographic prints mounted onto board pages.  Each page is sealed with a spray coating to protect from fingerprints and and UV exposure.  

The cover of the albums are customized to family preferences with a variety of colours, fabrics and number of spreads.


Photographic Prints

Photographic prints are professionally printed on a fuji lustre premium paper.  The standard archival value of this paper is 100 years in a proper home display or 200 years in dark storage. In addition, a coating is also used during the print process to protect from UV damage.

The prints we offer come in a large variety of sizing, starting from 8×10.

Prints can be display as one image, multiple images and may be changed out as wanted therefore making prints another versatile option for families.


Fine Art Canvas

Fine Art Canvases are professionally printed on a 400 gsm cotton-polyester blend fabric with a standard archival value of 100 years. They are coated with a semi-gloss lacquer for additional abrasion protection and to filter out UV light. Canvas may be displayed without glass. to clean canvases from dust you should use a soft cloth or included wool duster.

We offer 2 options for Fine art canvas.

1. Traditional Canvas:

This is what most people think of when picturing a canvas print.  The traditional canvas is printed on the canvas then stretched over wood and ready to be hung on a wall.  Traditional canvases have more muted colours therefore making them appear more dreamy and soft.  While traditional canvases are a beautiful wall art option there can be some down falls to them.  One of those down falls is occasionally the canvas may need to be restretched due to various reasons and this is perfectly normal as with moisture and time the canvas can expand and contract.  The second down fall can be they can be a bit more fragile as the canvas is streched over wood making them hollow so any pressure on the canvas can create dents and imperfections to the canvas.

2. Bonded Canvas:

A Bonded Canvas is a favorite product by many and new this year at LRP.  The bonded canvas is printed on fine art paper and then bonded to the canvas.  Unlike the traditional canvas this option is not streched over a wooden frame but is mounted on styrene.  The printing process for this option allows colour to be more vibrant and saturated therefore producing a brighter and more real to colour image.  This option is my new personal favorite as the printing process produces such an magnificient art piece.

Oshawa Photography Art Product: Care of Products 

For our Oshawa photography art products we guarantee longevity and products that will last.  Unfortunately art products only last as well as they are taken care of.

The timeline given by the lab the art work is printed through, is a guideline for longevity of products that are taken care of properly.

While I stand by my products 100% I can only guarantee art products when they have been handled appropriately and stored in proper coniditions.

Art products should not be stored in damp conditions, in direct sunlight, be displayed as specified (glass/no glass) and be cleaned/handled appropriately.

I recommend with all the products I offer that a feather duster is used to clean dust and debris off.  Every product differs in fragility and to be safe a feather duster is the safest option to prevent damage or moisture.  Another recommendation I advise owners of is when handling the product directly wear a pair of cotton gloves.  The oils in our hands can also impact the surface of certain products.  For all art product investments made with LRP we provide a duster and gloves to preserve the beautiful artwork. One more way to provide a photography experience



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