Oshawa Photographer Policies | COVID 19

Oshawa Photographer policies and procedures

Who would have thought a few years ago, this is where we would be.  With the changes in the world, people have had to adapt the policies and procedures of their lives and as a result it has been a long few years for everyone.   One must wonder what implications this will have on the next generation of children which means we need to change the world back.  Due to loss of income, health implications, scheduling conflicts, homeschooling, or fears, the past few years has been hard on everyone and small businesses, therefore let’s band together and get this virus under control.


Oshawa Photographer Policies | New Rules

germ policies and procedures

Policies and procedures have changed in the portrait studio.  The photography health and safety of others is of importance.

Listed below are new rules that have been mandated by the government.


  1. Only family members participating in the session are allowed into the studio.
  2. Absolutely no outside props/toys are allowed in the studio
  3. Outside shoes are not allowed in the studio
  4. Masks will be worn when images are not being taken
  5. I will wear a mask at all times
  6. Consultations will take place online with zoom
  7. Hands will be sanitized before entering studio and after touching face
  8. COVID 19 pre-screening must be completed online before entry to studio
  9. Absolutely no one will enter studio with any signs of any sickness
  10. Sessions will be at least 48 hours apart

LRP completely understands changes to an Oshawa Photographer policies, as well as many other consumers has been frustrating, (believe me I’m over it too!) therefore the rules must be followed.  The longer people dont follow the appropriate rules and regulations the longer life continues this way.  We can do this! We can get through this together!

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