When families come to me for their portrait session with young children or toddlers, I always expect some push back from the children and I don’t blame them. Imagine for a moment some stranger in a strange place is staring at you through a strange object. That’s uncomfortable for anyone.

For this amazing family portrait session we had just that, a shy little girl and curious little boy. We took our time and played, peek a boo and tickles and even looking for the dinosaurs in the sky. We made it fun for them and we got beautiful timeless images. The importance of taking the time with the children is so imperative during a portrait session. With that time we ended up with genuine smiles and overall happiness to have their portrait taken and be there. This is the main reason I don’t limit time for portrait sessions, we do what we need to do for everyones comfort, children especially.

A big thank you to the Konaka family for once again having their family portrait session with Lori Roberts Photography. You are a beautiful family and I can’t wait to see you in 2021!