To say this little one was a slice of heaven is a huge understatement. During a time where life felt turned upside down in the heart of the COVID pandemic this little man was born. He was what I needed to warm my heart and soul and help me forget the sorrows that burden me at that time. He slept like a dream during his portrait session and his enormous personality would bring a smile to anyones face.

The reason this portrait session meant the world to me is because this is my nephew Bruce (aka Brucie). Now Bruce is a name that holds extreme value to the members of our family. Bruce is the name of our father, who unfortunately met his demise due to complications from a heart transplant. He was a man of kindness, love, was non judgemental to all and had a sense of humour that made everyone around him feel welcome and comfortable.

Brucie welcome to our family and know that you are loved. I know you have filled our hearts with warmth again and hold your head high and proud as your name is a little slice of heaven.