What to Expect During an Oshawa Cake Smash Session | Lori Roberts Photography

An Oshawa cake smash session or a milestone session is more than just a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of joy, innocence, and potentially messy fun. These photo sessions have gained popularity  as parents seek creative ways to capture precious moments of their little ones. From the vibrant colors, detailed themes, to delightful expressions, a cake smash session promises unforgettable memories. In this blog, we’ll cover exactly what to expect during this delightful experience, at Lori Roberts Photography

What to Expect During an Oshawa Cake Smash Session | Preparation

First and foremost, communication with the photographer is vital. This communication is usually done over an online chat via Zoom.  This meeting is to discuss themes, pricing, color schemes, and any specific preferences you have. Secondly, choosing an appropriate outfit for your baby – something comfortable and easy to clean, as it’s guaranteed to get messy! Thirdly, Selecting a cake or food that aligns with the theme and your baby’s preferences. It should be soft, colorful, and visually appealing.

What to Expect during an Oshawa Cake Smash Session | Setting the Scene

Firstly, the location for the cake smash session can vary. During the colder month your Oshawa cake smash session is held in our Oshawa studio, and for the warmer months, we do have the option for outdoors or indoors in our studio.

Secondly the backdrop and props play a significant role in creating the ambiance. The possibilities are endless.  There are toys we can utilize, backdrops, decorations or even balloon arches.

Thirdly, the photographer will set up the scene, and stylize the photo session.  This helps ensure there is adequate lighting and a comfortable environment for your baby.

What to Expect During an Oshawa Cake Smash Session | The Main Event

Once everything is set, it’s time for the star of the show – your baby!

We start a session by sitting on the backdrop just getting comfortable, perhaps this means playing with toys or having some giggles. The photographer will encourage your little one to explore and interact with them. Once some images are taken the session then moves on to the cake portion of the session. Some babies may dive right in, while others might need a little coaxing. Expect some tears potentially, though hopefully there will be lots of laughter, giggles, and adorable expressions as your baby discovers the sweet treat in front of them. Don’t be surprised if things get messy – that’s all part of the fun! Embrace the chaos and enjoy watching your baby’s uninhibited delight and sugar high!

Oshawa Cake smash session

What to Expect During an Oshawa Cake Smash Session | Capturing the Moments

The photographer will work quickly to capture every precious moment available. Whether it be close-up shots of icing-covered hands to wide-angle shots of the entire scene.  All details are important to the story. Please be prepared for multiple outfit changes to document different stages of the session. We try for more candid moments during a session therefore resulting in the most heartwarming photographs.

What to Expect During an Oshawa Cake Smash Session | Clean up

When the cake smash portion is complete, it’s time for clean-up. For clean up, we have a decorative metal tub filled with warm water in which your child may have some splashes, and bubbles and get cleaned up from the sticky icing.  We have towels and wipes at the ready so you may to clean your baby. Embrace the mess – it’s all part of the experience! We are equipped to handle the clean-up process.

What to Expect During an Oshawa Cake Smash Session | Viewing the Results

Once the session is over, you’ll eagerly anticipate seeing the soft proofed photographsc that capture the essence of the cake smash session.. At Lori Roberts Photography, we will provide you with a selection of soft proofed images, approximately 1 week after the session. For the viewing of these images, we meet for an online viewing appointment that has been scheduled previously. Please prepare to be amazed by the sheer joy and innocence captured in each photo. These images will serve as cherished memories for years to come.

What to Expect During an Oshawa Cake Smash Session | Lori Roberts Photography

A cake smash session is a delightful journey filled with laughter, mess, and precious moments. From the initial preparation to the final photographs, every step is selectively done with joy and excitement. By knowing what to expect, you can fully immerse yourself in the experience and create lasting memories of this special milestone in your baby’s life. Therefore,  embrace the chaos, savor the sweetness, and treasure the laughter – because a cake smash session is a celebration of love, laughter, and the beauty of innocence.


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