OShawa Easter Box Mini Sessions

Oshawa Easter Box Mini Sessions

Oshawa Easter Box Mini Sessions offer an opportunity for families and individuals to capture the joy of Easter uniquely and memorably. These special events mini-sessions provide a convenient and exciting experience for those seeking professional Easter-themed photographs without the hassle of a full-length photo shoot.

Oshawa Easter Box Mini  Sessions – The How

The Oshawa Easter Box Mini takes place in our photography studio. Families or children sit in a carefully designed and decorated wooden 5×5 box.  The wooden box features vibrant spring colors, adorable props, and charming Easter-themed elements.  The images are captured and then the boxes are edited in a 9×9 collage.

With a skilled and experienced photographer, each mini-session is carefully planned to ensure that every detail is captured flawlessly. From the lighting to the poses, the photographer expertly directs participants to create stunning compositions that reflect their unique personalities.

Oshawa Easter Box Mini – The Why

These sessions are ideal for families looking to create lasting memories and have a stunning image to love. Whether it’s capturing the innocence and wonder of children or the love and connection between family members, these Oshawa Easter box mini sessions offer a versatile, fun, creative space to bring that hope to fruition. Children and parents love these box sessions, they are low pressure and fun!

Oshawa Easter Box Mini  Sessions – The Details

Participants can expect a fun and relaxed experience during the Oshawa Easter Box Mini Sessions. The sessions are designed to be brief.  The sessions last 15-20 minutes, making them convenient for busy schedules. This allows families and individuals to enjoy the process without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.  The sessions are $150 and include a digital 9×9 image with full printing rights.

Oshawa Easter Box Mini – The When

The Oshawa Easter box mini sessions are being held in our Oshawa home-based studio on March 16th and March 17th from 10am-5pm. To book a session please click the link below or contact us if you have any questions.

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