What are the Different Photography Editing Styles?

Top 8 Photography Editing Styles

Photography editing styles involve a range of creative approaches to add visual impact to images.  Here are the top 15 photography editing styles are are used and are most popular todya.

1. Natural and Minimalistic Photography Editing Styles

This editing style involves preserving the “naturalness” of the scene.  It can involve subtle adjustments to exposure, color temperature, and contrast.  The idea behind this photography editing style is to preserve the natural beauty of subjects.

2. Vintage and Film-Inspired Photography Editing Styles

 Vintage or film-inspired editing style creates a sense of nostalgia.  This is done by adding certain effects, such as vignetting, grain, or warm tones to an image.  This photography editing style adds a classic and timeless feel to images that is reminiscent of analong photography.

3. High Contrast and Dramatic Photography Editing Styles






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High contrast photography editing style

The high-contrast photography editing style emphasizes shadows and highlights and as such is used a lot for black and white images.  This photography editing style is particularly effective for dramatic portraits. This style is used a lot for architecture and landscapes as it tends to command attention.

4. Moody and Cinematic Photography Editing Styles

The moody and cinematic photography editing style is the style I prefer at Lori Roberts Photography. I love drama with rich colors and prefer to evoke emotion with my images.

The Moody editing style utilizes deep, rich tones and muted colors.  This tends to evoke a sense of mystery, drama, and emotion. This style often incorporates dark and atmospheric lighting which in turn creates a cinematic and narrative quality that is ideal for storytelling and portraiture.


How to get the Dark and Moody Photography Style

best lighting for outdoor portraits

5. Light and Airy Photography Editing Styles


Light and airy editing styles focus on achieving a soft, ethereal aesthetic through delicate tones, pastel hues, and luminous highlights. This style is popular for wedding, lifestyle, and newborn photography, creating a dreamy and romantic feel in the images.


6. Black and White Photography Editing Styles

The timeless elegance of black and white photography editing styles is often achieved through editing that emphasize contrast, texture, and tonal range. This classic style adds a timeless and artistic dimension to images, emphasizing form, texture, and emotion.

black and white photography editing styles

7. Surreal and Fantasy-Inspired Photography Editing Styles


Surreal editing styles involve creative manipulation and compositing to produce imaginative and fantastical images. This style often incorporates elements of digital art, blending reality with otherworldly elements to create captivating and surreal visual narratives.


8. Color Pop and Vibrant Photography Editing Style


Color pop editing styles enhance the vibrancy and saturation of colors to create bold and eye-catching images. This style is particularly effective for fashion, product photography, and travel photography, adding a sense of energy and vibrancy to the visual composition.

vibrant photography editing styles



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Photography editing styles offer a diverse array of techniques to display a creative vision.  Whether it be natural and minimalistic or whimsical and fantastical, each style contributes to a rich tapestry of visual storytelling through photography.  Contact your photographer today and get your story told!

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