Why a Family Heirloom Make a Newborn Photography Shoot Unique

Why Family Heirlooms Make a Newborn Photography Shoot Unique

A family heirloom for a newborn photography shoot can take a newborn photography session to a new personalized level of special.  Having photographed Oshawa newborn photography for many years, I have collected my fair share of props. Therefore, when parents ask if they need to bring anything on the day of their portrait session, I often say ‘no,’ because I have everything covered. But now and again,  I get asked if the family can bring an heirloom. I’m always delighted and eagerly say ‘yes!’

family heirloom for newborn photography shoot

Newborn Photo Shoot Customization

Every newborn photography shoot is customized according to the parents’ preferences. I always try to capture as much of their personality as possible for every session. Family heirlooms – like a vintage blanket or baby bonnet passed down through generations – make a newborn photography shoot even more special. It carries such emotional weight and visual symbolism, which can’t be achieved using props.

Aside from the sentimental value, family heirlooms add even more to a newborn photography shoot by providing texture, vintage charm, and a unique backdrop. Therefore, this creates timeless and classic images yet is still customized to the family.


Family Heirlooms in a Newborn Photo Shoot

When I see a family heirloom in a newborn photo shoot, it immediately spurs my imagination. As the photographer, it’s my job to capture the emotions and story behind each photograph.  The use of family heirlooms provides the perfect opportunity to do that.

Family heirlooms are always a source of inspiration when photographing newborns. They remind me that every portrait is unique and that each one has the potential to tell a story that spans time and distance.


Amelia’s Family Heirloom

I once had a newborn photography shoot with a baby girl named Amelia. In it, she’s snuggled up against her great-grandmother’s vintage quilt. The quilt is faded and well-loved. It’s not just a prop in the photo – it’s a piece of history passed down through the family.

When I look at this photograph, I can’t help but feel touched by the emotion between Amelia and her great-grandmother. It’s as if they’re sharing a special moment. Even though they’re separated by time and distance, that’s what I love about family heirlooms.  A family heirloom can provide a tangible connection to our ancestors, which can be passed down for generations.

The result is a series of captivating photographs that the family will cherish for generations. I always encourage families to bring an heirloom during their newborn portrait session.  That family heirloom will make the photos more meaningful, beautiful, and memorable.

Lori Roberts is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a photographer specializing in newborn, family, and milestone photos. Based in Oshawa and serving Durham Region and the GTA, Lori has years of experience capturing beautiful and timeless photos of families of all sizes.

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