Studio Photo Model | Newborn Photography Whitby

I periodically hold Studio Photo model calls for newborns firstly, to photograph new props and backdrops I have purchased. Secondly, I also use these opportunities to practice poses and keep my education up-to-date. Newborn photography Whitby Studio photo model calls offer the same photography experience that clients have come to expect.  For these model calls I offer 1-2 digital retouched images, however, more images may be purchased at the time of the ordering appointment.

Studio Photo Model | Newborn Photographers

Studio photo model calls are a great opportunity for photographers to get creative and practice their skills. If you are a newborn photographer and you’re looking to add some new images to your portfolio, or just want to have a little fun, I highly recommend having some newborn studio photo models!

Studio Photo Model | Newborn Mothers

If you’re interested in your new baby becoming a newborn model for me, please contact me. I am occasionally looking for newborn babies to photograph! You can find my contact information on my website contact page.

Studio Photo Model | Newborn Photography Whitby

I recently held a couple of newborn studio model calls. There was a couple of new props and backdrops that hadn’t been photographed yet and as such I needed to hold a model call.

Studio Photo Model | Newborn Photography Whitby

My daughter’s friend just welcomed a baby sister named Baker Grace. So naturally, I contacted the family and asked if they would be interested in a studio photo model call, to which they happily agreed. We proceeded with the newborn photography session. Sweet baby Baker Grace was 15 days old at the time of the session and she did not disappoint. She was a gorgeous baby! I’m so happy for the family to welcome one last child into their family.

studio photo model

Studio Photo Model | Newborn Photography Whitby | Reese

Another newborn studio model call I held recently was for my niece, Reese. Unfortunately, Reese’s studio photo model call was delayed a few times. I became sick with a cold and had to postpone the photo model call session to protect her from my germs. ¬†However, as I was feeling better, my brother and family became sick with COVID 19, therefore we postponed the session again. Ideally, newborn studio model calls are not done any later than 20 days old. Under the circumstances though, we decided to give it a go at 5 weeks old. Little Miss Reese was awake and ready to PARTY! It took a little more coaxing but we were eventually able to photograph all her wonderful cute chubbiness.

Newborn Photography Whitby

Studio Photo Model | Newborn Photography Whitby

The newborns were so adorable and I love that I was able to capture them as well as some new props. I love the way they turned out and can’t wait to do more studio photo models in the future!


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