In a Oshawa newborn photography session this month I had the priviledge to photograph a beautiful little baby girl named Charlotte.  Charlotte was such a sweet heart.  Her mother is a fellow co-worker of mine from my other job as a veterinary technician.

The day started out like any other newborn session with they exception of one little comment from her mother about “what a great sleeper she is” I laughed cause in this field of business it is like a jinx to say a baby sleeps well.

Well low and behold, little miss Charlotte was going through a cluster feeding cycle and while we got a number of beautiful images there wasnt quite enough to fill her gallery, therefore we had her come back a few days later and were able to complete all the necessary images for her gallery.

The second time she arrived she was fast asleep and we were able to complete so much more amazing images that showcased all her little features and her pretty little face.

newborn photography session
newborn photographer

There are times during  newborn photography that we need to reschedule and thats ok.  Newborns are little humans and just like us have good days and bad.  Sometimes they have a gassy tummy, or are colicky, or are cluster feeding.  I know a lot of parents really worry about their darling newborn not sleeping and I want to assure every parent that its ok.

An Oshawa newborn photography session is baby led and their comfort is one of my first priorities.  So baby’s having a bad day? No problem!  We try our best, try some naked, try some wrapping and if all else fails we re-book to another day.

oshawa newborn photography


Absolutely no one benefits if a baby is uncomfortable during a newborn photography session.


1. the baby is crying for comfort


2. makes the parents stress

and then

3.  I’m stressed cause the parents and baby are stressed

I want every person that enters my studio to have the photography experience of a lifetime.

Charlotte’s Gallery